Ovary inferior or semi-inferior

The following is a list of native or naturalised species which, at least some of the time, possess this spot-character.

Loranthaceae Agelanthus pungu
Loranthaceae Erianthemum ngamicum
Loranthaceae Plicosepalus kalachariensis
Loranthaceae Tapinanthus oleifolius
Rubiaceae Ancylanthos rubiginosus
Rubiaceae Canthium glaucum subsp. frangula var. frangula
Rubiaceae Carphalea pubescens
Rubiaceae Cordylostigma virgatum
Rubiaceae Crossopteryx febrifuga
Rubiaceae Empogona cacondensis
Rubiaceae Empogona kirkii subsp. kirkii
Rubiaceae Empogona kirkii subsp. junodii
Rubiaceae Feretia aeruginescens
Rubiaceae Gardenia brachythamnus
Rubiaceae Gardenia resiniflua subsp. resiniflua
Rubiaceae Gardenia volkensii subsp. spatulifolia
Rubiaceae Kohautia caespitosa subsp. brachyloba
Rubiaceae Kohautia subverticillata subsp. subverticillata
Rubiaceae Oldenlandia capensis var. capensis
Rubiaceae Pavetta cataractarum
Rubiaceae Pavetta gardeniifolia
Rubiaceae Pavetta gardeniifolia var. gardeniifolia
Rubiaceae Pavetta gardeniifolia var. subtomentosa
Rubiaceae Pavetta lasiopeplus
Rubiaceae Pavetta schumanniana
Rubiaceae Pentodon pentandrus var. minor
Rubiaceae Pentodon pentandrus var. pentandrus
Rubiaceae Psydrax livida
Rubiaceae Pygmaeothamnus zeyheri var. zeyheri
Rubiaceae Rytigynia umbellulata
Rubiaceae Spermacoce senensis
Rubiaceae Tarenna luteola
Rubiaceae Vangueria esculenta
Rubiaceae Vangueria infausta subsp. infausta
Rubiaceae Vangueria proschii
Rubiaceae Vangueria randii subsp. randii
Rubiaceae Vangueriopsis lanciflora
Number of species: 37

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2014-22

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2022). Flora of Caprivi: List of species with each spot-character: Ovary inferior or semi-inferior.
https://www.capriviflora.com/speciesdata/species-spot-display.php?species_id=911, retrieved 4 December 2022

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