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The purpose of this section of the site, which is very much under construction, is to enable users to extract those species which satisfy a combination of spot-characters.

Tick the boxes against those spot-characters which apply to the unknown plant and click submit. A list of taxa possessing all those characters will be shown.

Spot numberSpot characterPresent?
0 Succulent
1 Climbing
2 Trees
3 Parasitic
4 Myco-heterotrophic ("saprophytic")
5 Without chlorophyll
6 Aquatic
8 Reproducing asexually
9 Bearing tendrils
10 Bearing distinctly bent hooks
11 Bearing hardened petioles
12 Moss-like
13 Epiphytic
14 Lithophytic
15 With true bulbs
16 Annuals
17 Biennials
18 Lianes
19 Perennials
20 Shrub over 2 m
21 Shrub under 2 m
22 Terrestrial (used in the Pteridophyta and Orchidaceae only)
23 Cushion plants
24 Plant dioecious
25 Plant monoecious
26 Plant a mangrove
100 Trunk with bark peeling off in papery pieces
101 Trunk with large knob-like projections (which may bear thorns)
102 Trunk or branches with corky bark
103 Stem winged
104 Stem square
105 Stem absent or very short, with a basal rosette, the flowers borne on peduncles
106 Stem with swollen nodes
107 Branching Terminalia-like
108 Branchlets strongly lenticellate
109 Prickles or spines on trunk or stems
110 Forked prickles or spines on trunk, stems
111 Trunk or branches bearing flowers (cauliflory)
200 White sap
201 Yellow sap
202 Orange-brown sap
203 Sap of other colours
300 Foetid
301 Lemon-scented
302 Aromatic? E.g. labiatae
400 Stellate or dendritic hairs
401 Medifixed hairs
402 T-shaped hairs
403 Y-shaped (or forked) hairs
404 Stinging (urticating) hairs
405 Hooked hairs
406 Hairs with bulbous bases
407 Farinose, mealy or covered in a powder (which may be brightly coloured)
408 Bearing scales
500 Stipules intrapetiolar
501 Stipules falcate
502 Stipules pinnate
503 Stipules interpetiolar
504 Stipules (or pseudostipules) present in families generally without stipules
505 Stipules present
506 Stipules absent
507 Stipules auriculate, amplexicaul or semi-amplexicaul
508 Stipules fimbriate or laciniate
509 Stipules bifid or with 2 lobes
510 Stipules conspicuous
600 Petiole channelled above
601 Petiole (markedly) swollen at apex
602 Petiole (markedly) swollen at base
603 Petiole wrinkled
604 Petiole and/or rhachis winged
605 Petiole and/or rhachis bearing glands
700 Leaves reduced to scales or 0
701 Leaves whorled
702 Leaves both alternate and whorled or opposite on same plant
703 Leaves alternate in families with generally opposite leaves
704 Leaves opposite in families with generally alternate leaves
705 Leaves anisophyllous
706 Leaves peltate
707 Leaves both simple and compound on the same plant
708 Leaves 3-foliolate
709 Leaves imparipinnate with more than 3 leaflets
710 Leaves paripinnate with 2 leaflets only
711 Leaves paripinnate with more than 2 leaflets
712 Leaves digitately compound with more than 3 leaflets
713 Leaves palmately lobed
714 Leaves pedate
715 Leaves pinnatifid
716 Leaves flabellate
717 Leaves 2(-3 or more) pinnate
718 Leaves simple (or 1-foliolate) in predominantly compound families or genera
719 Leaves with translucent gland dots (visible when held up to light)
720 Leaves with translucent streaks or lines (visible when held up to light)
721 Leaves bearing spines or prickles
722 Leaves with domatia
723 Leaves with markedly rough surfaces
724 Leaves (or leaflets) consistently emarginate (i.e. excluding plants with rarely emarginate leaves)
725 Leaves sensitive
726 Leaves ericoid
727 Leaves with midrib raised above and beneath
728 Leaves bullate
729 Leaves plicate
730 Leaves turning black on drying
731 Young leaves flushing red/ reddish-brown
732 Leaves producing strong red/yellow autumn coloration
733 Leaves with cystoliths
734 Leaves (or leaflets in compound leaves) 3(-5)-veined from the base
735 Leaves with a submarginal vein
736 Leaves with parallel lateral veins
737 Leaves dimorphic
738 Leaf base sagittate
739 Leaves opposite
740 Leaves alternate
741 Leaves simple
742 Leaves basal
743 Leaves clustered at branch ends or on short shoots
744 Leaves amplexicaul
745 Leaves 2 (-3 or more) pinnatifid
746 Leaves with entire margin
747 Leaf base cordate
748 Leaves with auricles
749 Leaves with black dots
750 Leaves (or leaflets in compound leaves) with toothed margin
751 Leaves markedly discolorous
752 Leaves with veins markedly impressed above
753 Leaf with (a few) special glands on the lamina
754 Leaves with a fissure on the underside of the lamina
755 Leaves bearing numerous (non-translucent) glands
756 Leaf base asymmetric
800 Inflorescence leaf-opposed
801 Inflorescence supra-axillary
802 Inflorescence epiphyllous
803 Inflorescence an umbel or pseudumbel
804 Inflorescence a cone
805 Inflorescence a catkin
806 Inflorescence partly or wholly enclosed within an involucre
900 Dicotyledons with parts in threes
901 Calyx accrescent
902 Calyx with an epicalyx
903 Calyx (or phyllaries in Asteraceae) spiny
904 Corolla / petals fimbriate/2-fid
905 Corolla / petals with appendages
906 Corolla / petals with a spur
907 Sepals with a spur
908 Corolla resupinate
909 Flowers appearing before the leaves
910 Staminal tube present
911 Ovary inferior or semi-inferior
912 Flowers bicoloured
913 Perianth absent
914 Calyx winged
915 Calyx circumscissile
916 Ovary superior
917 Calyx with hooked hairs or bristles
918 Corolla hairy
919 Calyx spathaceous
1000 Fruits winged
1001 Fruit prickly or spiny
1002 Fruit with hooks or hooked bristles
1003 Ripe fruit blue
1004 Ripe fruit red
1005 Ripe fruit white
1006 Ripe fruit yellow
1007 Ripe fruit black
1008 Fruit compound
1009 Fruit like a string of beads
1010 Fruit like acorns
1011 Fruit markedly ribbed
1012 Fruit with a 3-locular capsule
1013 Fruit inflated
1014 Fruit with horny or wing-like protuberances
1015 Fruit pendulous
1016 Fruit circumscissile, opening with a lid
1017 Fruits beaked
1018 Fruit lobed
1019 Fruit a capsule
1020 Fruit a berry
1021 Fruit covered in warts
1100 Seeds winged
1101 Seeds with an aril or aril-like structure
1102 Seeds with long hairs
1103 Seeds "red and black"
1104 Seeds with floss (long cottony hairs)
1200 Forest grasses
1201 Grasses with broad leaves

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2014-24

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2024). Flora of Caprivi: Select native and natiralised species by multiple spot-characters., retrieved 25 May 2024

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