Literature: Baumann, G. (2005)

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Baumann, G. (2005) Photographic Guide to Wildflowers of Malawi Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi779

Species which refer to this work

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Species found: 193
Acalypha brachiata
Acalypha polymorpha (cultivated)
Achyranthes aspera var. pubescens
Aframomum angustifolium (cultivated)
Agathisanthemum globosum (cultivated)
Ageratum conyzoides
Albuca abyssinica
Alysicarpus rugosus subsp. rugosus
Amaranthus hybridus
Aneilema johnstonii
Ansellia africana
Antherotoma debilis
Antherotoma naudinii (cultivated)
Anthospermum usambarense (cultivated)
Argemone mexicana
Aspilia mossambicensis
Asystasia intrusa
Bauhinia petersiana
Bidens pilosa
Biophytum umbraculum (cultivated)
Boophone disticha (cultivated)
Bothriocline longipes (cultivated)
Brachycorythis pleistophylla subsp. leopoldi (cultivated)
Calotropis procera (cultivated)
Calyptrochilum christyanum (cultivated)
Cantinoa americana (cultivated)
Cassytha filiformis
Catharanthus roseus
Ceratotheca sesamoides
Chamaecrista kirkii var. kirkii (cultivated)
Chamaecrista parva (cultivated)
Chlorophytum stolzii (cultivated)
Clematis brachiata
Clematis villosa subsp. kirkii (cultivated)
Cleome hirta
Cleome monophylla (cultivated)
Coccinia adoensis
Coleus shirensis (cultivated)
Combretum paniculatum (cultivated)
Combretum platypetalum subsp. oatesii
Commelina africana
Commelina benghalensis
Costus spectabilis (cultivated)
Crassocephalum rubens var. rubens
Crotalaria lachnocarpoides (cultivated)
Crotalaria ochroleuca (cultivated)
Crotalaria recta (cultivated)
Cucumis anguria var. anguria
Cyanotis longifolia
Cycnium adonense subsp. adonense (cultivated)
Cynorkis debilis (cultivated)
Cynorkis kassneriana (cultivated)
Cyphia lasiandra (cultivated)
Cyrtanthus breviflorus (cultivated)
Delphinium leroyi (cultivated)
Desmodium intortum (cultivated)
Dichrostachys cinerea
Dicliptera paniculata (cultivated)
Disa baurii (cultivated)
Disa erubescens subsp. erubescens (cultivated)
Disa hircicornis (cultivated)
Disa ochrostachya (cultivated)
Disa robusta (cultivated)
Disa satyriopsis (cultivated)
Drimia altissima
Drosera madagascariensis (cultivated)
Dyschoriste trichocalyx subsp. verticillaris (cultivated)
Eichhornia crassipes (cultivated)
Emilia coccinea (cultivated)
Eriosema psoraleoides (cultivated)
Eulophia angolensis (cultivated)
Eulophia cucullata (cultivated)
Eulophia horsfallii (cultivated)
Eulophia livingstoneana
Eulophia speciosa
Euphorbia hirta
Floscopa glomerata
Gerbera ambigua (cultivated)
Gladiolus atropurpureus (cultivated)
Gladiolus dalenii subsp. dalenii
Gladiolus melleri (cultivated)
Gloriosa superba
Glossostelma carsonii (cultivated)
Gnidia kraussiana var. kraussiana
Gomphocarpus glaucophyllus (cultivated)
Habenaria macrostele (cultivated)
Habenaria schimperiana (cultivated)
Haumaniastrum villosum (cultivated)
Hebenstretia angolensis (cultivated)
Hibiscus cannabinus
Hibiscus sabdariffa (cultivated)
Hygrophila schulli (cultivated)
Hylodesmum repandum (cultivated)
Hypoestes aristata
Hypoestes forskaolii subsp. forskaolii
Impatiens assurgens (cultivated)
Ipomoea hederifolia (cultivated)
Ipomoea linosepala subsp. alpina (cultivated)
Ipomoea obscura var. obscura
Ipomoea pes-caprae subsp. brasiliensis (cultivated)
Ipomoea rubens
Ipomoea shirambensis
Justicia striata (cultivated)
Kalaharia uncinata
Kniphofia grantii (cultivated)
Kohautia coccinea (cultivated)
Lagenaria sphaerica (cultivated)
Lantana camara (cultivated)
Lipotriche scandens subsp. madagascariensis
Lobelia mildbraedii (cultivated)
Ludwigia leptocarpa
Merremia tridentata subsp. angustifolia
Mimosa pudica (cultivated)
Momordica foetida (cultivated)
Moraea schimperi (cultivated)
Murdannia simplex
Mussaenda arcuata (cultivated)
Nicandra physalodes (cultivated)
Nidorella resedifolia subsp. microcephala
Nymphaea nouchali var. caerulea
Ochna leptoclada (cultivated)
Ocimum americanum
Ocimum gratissimum subsp. gratissimum var. gratissimum
Oncoba spinosa
Orthochilus mechowii (cultivated)
Orthochilus odontoglossus (cultivated)
Otomeria elatior (cultivated)
Oxalis corniculata
Oxalis latifolia
Pavonia urens (cultivated)
Pentanisia schweinfurthii (cultivated)
Persicaria lapathifolia (cultivated)
Persicaria strigosa
Physalis peruviana
Physostigma mesoponticum (cultivated)
Platostoma rotundifolium (cultivated)
Pleiotaxis pulcherrima (cultivated)
Pleurolobus salicifolius var. salicifolius
Polygala macrostigma (cultivated)
Polystachya transvaalensis (cultivated)
Protea madiensis subsp. madiensis (cultivated)
Psophocarpus lancifolius (cultivated)
Ranunculus raeae (cultivated)
Ricinus communis var. communis
Rotheca myricoides
Ruellia prostrata
Satyrium breve (cultivated)
Satyrium crassicaule (cultivated)
Satyrium trinerve (cultivated)
Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. multiflorus
Sebaea leiostyla (cultivated)
Senna didymobotrya (cultivated)
Senna septemtrionalis (cultivated)
Sesamum angolense (cultivated)
Sida acuta (cultivated)
Siphonochilus aethiopicus (cultivated)
Siphonochilus kirkii
Solanum campylacanthum 'panduriforme type'
Solanum terminale (cultivated)
Sopubia simplex
Sparrmannia ricinocarpa (cultivated)
Spermacoce dibrachiata (cultivated)
Sphenostylis erecta subsp. erecta (cultivated)
Sphenostylis stenocarpa (cultivated)
Striga asiatica
Striga gesnerioides
Syncolostemon bracteosus
Tacca leontopetaloides (cultivated)
Tagetes minuta (cultivated)
Talinum portulacifolium
Tephrosia vogelii (cultivated)
Thespesia garckeana
Thunbergia alata (cultivated)
Thunbergia lancifolia (cultivated)
Thunbergia petersiana (cultivated)
Tithonia diversifolia (cultivated)
Tithonia rotundifolia
Trapa natans var. bispinosa
Trichodesma physaloides (cultivated)
Trichodesma zeylanicum (cultivated)
Tricliceras lobatum
Tricliceras longepedunculatum var. longepedunculatum
Tridax procumbens
Trifolium simense (cultivated)
Triumfetta annua
Triumfetta pilosa (cultivated)
Tylosema fassoglense (cultivated)
Urena lobata
Vernonia glabra var. glabra
Vernonia poskeana subsp. poskeana
Vigna pygmaea (cultivated)
Vigna unguiculata
Wahlenbergia capitata (cultivated)

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