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This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are either purely cultivated or which are wild species which do not occur in Caprivi have been excluded.

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Jeffrey, C. (1978) Cucurbitaceae Flora Zambesiaca 4   
NamesFZ Divisions
8562.000 MUKIA Arn.  
Mukia maderaspatana (L.) M. Roem.
Bryonia cordifolia L.
Bryonia scabrella L.
Coccinia cordifolia (L.) Cogn.
Cucumis maderaspatanus L.
Melothria maderaspatana (L.) Cogn.
Mukia scabrella (L.) Arn.
8564.000 ZEHNERIA Endl.  
Zehneria marlothii (Cogn.) R. Fern. & A. Fern.
Melothria acutifolia Cogn.
Melothria marlothii Cogn.
8568.000 KEDROSTIS Medik.  
Kedrostis foetidissima (Jacq.) Cogn.
Kedrostis foetidissima (Jacq.) Cogn. subsp. obtusiloba (Sond.) Meeuse
Trichosanthes foetidissima Jacq.
Zehneria obtusiloba Sond.
Kedrostis leloja (Forssk.) C. Jeffrey
Kedrostis hirtella (Naudin) Cogn.
Kedrostis natalensis (Hook. f.) Meeuse
Rhynchocarpa hirtella Naud.
Toxanthera kwebensis N.E. Br.
Toxanthera lugardae N.E. Br.
Toxanthera natalensis Hook. f.
Turia leloja J.F. Gmel.
8569.000 CORALLOCARPUS Welw. ex Hook. f.  
Corallocarpus bainesii (Hook. f.) A. Meeuse
Corallocarpus sphaerocarpus Cogn.
Kedrostis bainesii (Hook.f.) Cogn.
Rhynchocarpa bainesii Hook. f.
Corallocarpus boehmii (Cogn.) C. Jeffrey
Kedrostis boehmii Cogn.
Corallocarpus welwitschii (Naudin) Hook.f.
8590.000 ACANTHOSICYOS Welw. ex Hook. f.  
Acanthosicyos naudinianus (Sond.) C. Jeffrey
Citrullus naudinianus (Sond.) Hook. f.
Colocynthis naudinianus (Sond.) Kuntze
Cucumis naudinianus Sond.
8591.000 MOMORDICA L.  
Momordica balsamina L.
Momordica involucrata E. Mey. ex Sond.
Momordica humilis (Cogn.) C.Jeffrey
Momordica kirkii (Hook. f.) C. Jeffrey
Raphanocarpus kirkii Hook. f.
8598.000 CITRULLUS Schrad. ex Eckl. & Zeyh.  
Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai
Citrullus vulgaris Eckl. & Zeyh.
Colocynthis citrullus (L.) Kuntze
Cucurbita citrullus L.
Momordica lanata Thunb.
8599.000 CUCUMIS L.  
Cucumis anguria L.
var. anguria
Cucumis ficifolius sensu Wild
Cucumis longipes Hook. f.
Cucumis anguria L.
var. longaculeatus J.H. Kirkbr.
Cucumis kalahariensis Meeuse
Cucumis meeusei C. Jeffrey
Cucumis metuliferus Naudin
Cucumis metulifer E. Mey. ex Naudin
8608.000 TROCHOMERIA Hook. f.  
Trochomeria macrocarpa (Sond.) Hook. f.
subsp. macrocarpa
Trochomeria macrocarpa (Sond.) Hook. f.
subsp. vitifolia (Hook. f.) R. Fern. & A. Fern.
8628.000 COCCINIA Wight & Arn.  
Coccinia adoensis (A. Rich.) Cogn.
Coccinia roseiflora Suess.
Momordica adoensis A. Rich.
Coccinia rehmannii Cogn.
Coccinia ovifera Dinter & Gilg

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2014-24

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2024). Flora of Caprivi: Checklist: Cucurbitaceae., retrieved 23 June 2024

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