Literature: Clayton, W.D. (1989)

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Clayton, W.D. (1989)PoaceaeFlora Zambesiaca 10(3) 209

Species which refer to this work

Note that the process of capturing references from species to the literature and the reverse may be incomplete.

Species found: 162
Acroceras macrum
Acroceras zizanioides (cultivated)
Alloteropsis cimicina
Alloteropsis paniculata (cultivated)
Arundinella nepalensis (cultivated)
Axonopus flexuosus (cultivated)
Brachiaria brizantha
Brachiaria deflexa
Brachiaria dictyoneura
Brachiaria dictyoneura
Brachiaria dura
Brachiaria eruciformis
Brachiaria grossa
Brachiaria nigropedata
Brachiaria platynota (cultivated)
Brachiaria xantholeuca
Cenchrus americanus
Cenchrus biflorus
Cenchrus ciliaris
Cenchrus clandestinus (cultivated)
Cenchrus geniculatus (cultivated)
Cenchrus macrourus
Cenchrus polystachios subsp. atrichus (cultivated)
Cenchrus polystachios subsp. polystachios (cultivated)
Cenchrus purpureus (cultivated)
Cenchrus unisetus (cultivated)
Coelachne africana (cultivated)
Digitaria abyssinica (cultivated)
Digitaria acuminatissima (cultivated)
Digitaria angolensis (cultivated)
Digitaria atrofusca (cultivated)
Digitaria brazzae
Digitaria ciliaris (cultivated)
Digitaria comifera
Digitaria complanata (cultivated)
Digitaria debilis
Digitaria diagonalis (cultivated)
Digitaria eriantha
Digitaria gayana
Digitaria gazensis
Digitaria longiflora (cultivated)
Digitaria maitlandii (cultivated)
Digitaria maniculata
Digitaria milanjiana
Digitaria monodactyla
Digitaria nuda (cultivated)
Digitaria pearsonii (cultivated)
Digitaria perrottetii
Digitaria pseudodiagonalis (cultivated)
Digitaria pulchra (cultivated)
Digitaria remotigluma
Digitaria sanguinalis
Digitaria siderograpta (cultivated)
Digitaria ternata (cultivated)
Digitaria thouaresiana (cultivated)
Digitaria velutina (cultivated)
Echinochloa colona
Echinochloa crus-galli
Echinochloa crus-pavonis (cultivated)
Echinochloa jubata
Echinochloa pyramidalis
Echinochloa stagnina
Echinochloa ugandensis (cultivated)
Entolasia imbricata
Eriochloa fatmensis
Eriochloa meyeriana (cultivated)
Eriochloa procera (cultivated)
Gilgiochloa indurata (cultivated)
Heteranthoecia guineensis (cultivated)
Loudetia arundinacea (cultivated)
Loudetia lanata
Loudetia phragmitoides (cultivated)
Loudetia simplex
Megaloprotachne albescens
Melinis effusa (cultivated)
Melinis kallimorpha
Melinis longiseta subsp. bellespicata
Melinis longiseta subsp. longiseta
Melinis macrochaeta (cultivated)
Melinis minutiflora (cultivated)
Melinis nerviglumis
Melinis repens subsp. grandiflora
Melinis repens subsp. repens
Melinis subglabra
Melinis tenuissima (cultivated)
Oplismenus burmannii
Oplismenus compositus (cultivated)
Oplismenus hirtellus (cultivated)
Oryzidium barnardii
Panicum adenophorum (cultivated)
Panicum aequinerve (cultivated)
Panicum atrosanguineum (cultivated)
Panicum bechuanense
Panicum brevifolium
Panicum chionachne (cultivated)
Panicum coloratum var. coloratum
Panicum comorense (cultivated)
Panicum deustum (cultivated)
Panicum dregeanum (cultivated)
Panicum ecklonii (cultivated)
Panicum eickii (cultivated)
Panicum flacciflorum (cultivated)
Panicum fluviicola
Panicum funaense (cultivated)
Panicum gracilicaule (cultivated)
Panicum habrothrix (cultivated)
Panicum heterostachyum
Panicum kalaharense
Panicum maximum
Panicum monticola (cultivated)
Panicum nervatum (cultivated)
Panicum novemnerve
Panicum pansum (cultivated)
Panicum parvifolium (cultivated)
Panicum pectinellum (cultivated)
Panicum phragmitoides (cultivated)
Panicum pseudoracemosum (cultivated)
Panicum pusillum (cultivated)
Panicum repens
Panicum subalbidum
Panicum trichocladum (cultivated)
Panicum trichonode
Paspalidium obtusifolium
Paspalum conjugatum (cultivated)
Paspalum notatum (cultivated)
Paspalum scrobiculatum
Paspalum urvillei (cultivated)
Poecilostachys oplismenoides (cultivated)
Pseudechinolaena polystachya (cultivated)
Sacciolepis africana (cultivated)
Sacciolepis chevalieri (cultivated)
Sacciolepis indica (cultivated)
Sacciolepis rigens
Sacciolepis spiciformis
Sacciolepis transbarbata (cultivated)
Sacciolepis typhura
Setaria atrata (cultivated)
Setaria barbata (cultivated)
Setaria homonyma
Setaria longiseta (cultivated)
Setaria nigrirostris (cultivated)
Setaria pumila
Setaria sagittifolia
Setaria sphacelata
Setaria verticillata
Stenotaphrum secundatum
Tricholaena monachne
Trichopteryx dregeana
Trichopteryx elegantula (cultivated)
Trichopteryx fruticulosa (cultivated)
Trichopteryx marungensis (cultivated)
Trichopteryx stolziana (cultivated)
Tristachya lualabaensis
Tristachya nodiglumis
Tristachya rehmannii
Tristachya superba
Tristachya viridiaristata (cultivated)
Urochloa brachyura
Urochloa oligotricha
Urochloa panicoides
Urochloa trichopus
Urochloa trichopus

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