Literature: Dowsett-Lemaire, F. (1989)

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Dowsett-Lemaire, F. (1989)The flora and phytogeography of the evergreen forests of Malawi. I: Afromontane and mid-altitude forests;Bull. Jard. Bot. Nat. Belg. 59(1/2) 3-131923

Species which refer to this work

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Species found: 170
Acacia abyssinica (cultivated)
Acacia montigena (cultivated)
Acanthopale pubescens (cultivated)
Acanthus ueleensis (cultivated)
Adiantum poiretii (cultivated)
Agelaea pentagyna (cultivated)
Alangium chinense (cultivated)
Albizia gummifera (cultivated)
Alchornea hirtella (cultivated)
Alchornea laxiflora (cultivated)
Allophylus abyssinicus (cultivated)
Allophylus chaunostachys (cultivated)
Anisotes pubinervis (cultivated)
Anthocleista grandiflora
Arachniodes webbiana subsp. foliosa (cultivated)
Artabotrys monteiroae (cultivated)
Arthropteris monocarpa (cultivated)
Asplenium anisophyllum (cultivated)
Asplenium boltonii (cultivated)
Asplenium ceii (cultivated)
Asplenium dregeanum (cultivated)
Asplenium erectum (cultivated)
Asplenium friesiorum (cultivated)
Asplenium gemmascens (cultivated)
Asplenium gemmiferum (cultivated)
Asplenium hypomelas (cultivated)
Asplenium inaequilaterale (cultivated)
Asplenium linckii (cultivated)
Asplenium mannii (cultivated)
Asplenium megalura (cultivated)
Asplenium monanthes (cultivated)
Asplenium preussii (cultivated)
Asplenium protensum (cultivated)
Asplenium rutifolium (cultivated)
Asplenium sandersonii (cultivated)
Asplenium smedsii (cultivated)
Asplenium theciferum (cultivated)
Astropanax abyssinicus (cultivated)
Astropanax goetzenii (cultivated)
Astropanax myrianthus (cultivated)
Blechnum attenuatum (cultivated)
Blighia unijugata (cultivated)
Blotiella natalensis (cultivated)
Boehmeria macrophylla (cultivated)
Brillantaisia cicatricosa (cultivated)
Canthium oligocarpum subsp. captum (cultivated)
Cassipourea malosana (cultivated)
Celtis africana (cultivated)
Celtis gomphophylla (cultivated)
Chrysophyllum gorungosanum (cultivated)
Cissus oliveri (cultivated)
Clausena anisata (cultivated)
Clematis brachiata
Coccinia mildbraedii (cultivated)
Combretum paniculatum (cultivated)
Coniogramme africana (cultivated)
Cornus volkensii (cultivated)
Craterispermum schweinfurthii (cultivated)
Croton macrostachyus (cultivated)
Croton sylvaticus (cultivated)
Ctenitis cirrhosa (cultivated)
Culcasia falcifolia (cultivated)
Dalbergia lactea (cultivated)
Dioscorea schimperiana (cultivated)
Dovyalis macrocalyx (cultivated)
Dovyalis macrocarpa (cultivated)
Dracaena afromontana (cultivated)
Dracaena fragrans (cultivated)
Dracaena laxissima (cultivated)
Dracaena mannii (cultivated)
Dracaena steudneri (cultivated)
Drynaria volkensii (cultivated)
Dryopteris kilemensis (cultivated)
Dryopteris manniana (cultivated)
Dryopteris pentheri (cultivated)
Ekebergia capensis
Embelia schimperi
Eriosema montanum (cultivated)
Euclea divinorum
Faurea wentzeliana (cultivated)
Flacourtia indica
Galiniera saxifraga (cultivated)
Garcinia volkensii (cultivated)
Gouania longispicata (cultivated)
Gymnosporia buchananii (cultivated)
Gymnosporia buxifolia (cultivated)
Gynura scandens (cultivated)
Hagenia abyssinica (cultivated)
Helichrysum schimperi (cultivated)
Histiopteris incisa (cultivated)
Huperzia dacrydioides (cultivated)
Huperzia gnidioides (cultivated)
Huperzia ophioglossoides (cultivated)
Huperzia verticillata (cultivated)
Hymenophyllum capillare (cultivated)
Hymenophyllum kuhnii (cultivated)
Hypolepis sparsisora (cultivated)
Itea rhamnoides (cultivated)
Keetia gueinzii (cultivated)
Landolphia buchananii (cultivated)
Lepisorus excavatus (cultivated)
Lepisorus schraderi (cultivated)
Lindackeria bukobensis (cultivated)
Lobelia giberroa (cultivated)
Lomariopsis warneckei (cultivated)
Loxogramme abyssinica (cultivated)
Macaranga capensis (cultivated)
Macaranga kilimandscharica (cultivated)
Maesa lanceolata (cultivated)
Maytenus undata (cultivated)
Microglossa pyrifolia (cultivated)
Mikania sp.
Mimulopsis solmsii (cultivated)
Mussaenda arcuata (cultivated)
Myrianthus holstii (cultivated)
Myrica serrata
Mystroxylon aethiopicum subsp. schlechteri
Neoboutonia macrocalyx (cultivated)
Nuxia congesta (cultivated)
Nuxia floribunda (cultivated)
Oleandra distenta (cultivated)
Osmunda regalis (cultivated)
Oxyanthus speciosus subsp. stenocarpus (cultivated)
Parinari excelsa (cultivated)
Periploca linearifolia (cultivated)
Phoenix reclinata
Pleopeltis macrocarpa (cultivated)
Podocarpus milanjianus (cultivated)
Polyscias fulva (cultivated)
Polystichum sinense (cultivated)
Prunus africana (cultivated)
Pteris catoptera (cultivated)
Pteris cretica (cultivated)
Pteris dentata (cultivated)
Pteris friesii (cultivated)
Pteris muricella (cultivated)
Pterolobium stellatum (cultivated)
Rapanea melanophloeos (cultivated)
Rauvolfia mannii (cultivated)
Rawsonia lucida (cultivated)
Rhamnus prinoides (cultivated)
Rhoicissus tridentata (cultivated)
Rhynchosia hirta (cultivated)
Rourea thomsonii (cultivated)
Rutidea orientalis (cultivated)
Salix mucronata subsp. subserrata
Sclerochiton obtusisepalus (cultivated)
Scutia myrtina (cultivated)
Secamone alpini (cultivated)
Selaginella goudotiana var. abyssinica (cultivated)
Selaginella kraussiana (cultivated)
Shirakiopsis elliptica (cultivated)
Smilax anceps (cultivated)
Solanecio mannii (cultivated)
Solanum anguivi (cultivated)
Solanum terminale (cultivated)
Strombosia scheffleri (cultivated)
Syzygium cordatum
Tabernaemontana stapfiana (cultivated)
Tacazzea conferta (cultivated)
Tectaria gemmifera (cultivated)
Toddalia asiatica (cultivated)
Trema orientale (cultivated)
Urera hypselodendron (cultivated)
Vangueria apiculata (cultivated)
Vangueria infausta subsp. infausta
Vepris nobilis (cultivated)
Vepris stolzii (cultivated)
Vincetoxicum anomalum (cultivated)
Zanthoxylum gilletii (cultivated)

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2014-23

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2023). Flora of Caprivi: Literature detail: Dowsett-Lemaire, F. (1989)., retrieved 9 December 2023

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