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Family name Species nameLocationLink to record
CucurbitaceaeAcanthosicyos naudinianus Kwando RiverRecord
LauraceaeCassytha filiformis Kwando RiverRecord (with image)
Malvaceae subfamily GrewioideaeCorchorus trilocularis Mukolo CampRecord (with image)
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeCrotalaria flavicarinata Kwando RiverRecord
ThelypteridaceaeCyclosorus interruptus Kwando RiverRecord (with image)
CyperaceaeCyperus papyrus Backwater Kwando RiverRecord (with image)
AsteraceaeEthulia conyzoides subsp. conyzoides Backwater Kwando RiverRecord (with image)
MoraceaeFicus pygmaea Kwando RiverRecord
PhyllanthaceaeFlueggea virosa subsp. virosa Mukolo CampRecord
Apocynaceae subfamilies Asclepiadoideae and SecamonoideaeGomphocarpus fruticosus subsp. rostratus Backwater Kwando RiverRecord
ConvolvulaceaeIpomoea aquatica Backwater Kwando RiverRecord
ConvolvulaceaeIpomoea rubens Kwando RiverRecord (with image)
BignoniaceaeKigelia africana Kwando RiverRecord
Malvaceae subfamily MalvoideaeKosteletzkya buettneri Backwater Kwando RiverRecord (with image)
OnagraceaeLudwigia adscendens subsp. diffusa Kwando RiverRecord
CucurbitaceaeMomordica balsamina Kwando RiverRecord
AsteraceaeNidorella resedifolia subsp. microcephala Kwando RiverRecord
NymphaeaceaeNymphaea lotus Backwater Kwando RiverRecord
MenyanthaceaeNymphoides indica subsp. occidentalis Backwater Kwando RiverRecord (with image)
HydrocharitaceaeOttelia muricata Kwando RiverRecord
HydrocharitaceaeOttelia ulvifolia Kwando RiverRecord
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaePeltophorum africanum Backwater Kwando RiverRecord
PolygonaceaePersicaria strigosa Kwando RiverRecord (with image)
ArecaceaePhoenix reclinata Kwando RiverRecord
PoaceaePhragmites mauritianus Backwater Kwando RiverRecord
SalviniaceaeSalvinia molesta Backwater Kwando RiverRecord
SalviniaceaeSalvinia molesta Kwando RiverRecord
DracaenaceaeSansevieria pearsonii Mukolo CampRecord (with image)
MyrtaceaeSyzygium cordatum Backwater Kwando RiverRecord
LoranthaceaeTapinanthus oleifolius Mukolo CampRecord (with image)
LentibulariaceaeUtricularia inflexa Backwater Kwando RiverRecord
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeVigna oblongifolia var. oblongifolia Kwando RiverRecord
OlacaceaeXimenia caffra var. caffra Mukolo CampRecord (with image)
RhamnaceaeZiziphus mucronata Backwater Kwando RiverRecord

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