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Family name Species nameLocationLink to record
Fabaceae subfamily MimosoideaeAcacia erubescens Caprivi: Singalamwe. Mahungu Game Reserve.Record
CucurbitaceaeAcanthosicyos naudinianus Caprivi: Mahango Game Park.Record
CapparaceaeCapparis tomentosa Caprivi: Singalamwe. Mahunga Garm Reserve.Record
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaeChamaecrista biensis Caprivi: Mahangu Game Reserve.Record
CombretaceaeCombretum hereroense subsp. hereroense Caprivi: Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
CombretaceaeCombretum psidioides subsp. psidioides Caprivi: Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
CommelinaceaeCommelina benghalensis Caprivi: Mahangu Game Reserve. Omuramba.Record
EuphorbiaceaeCroton gratissimus var. subgratissimus Caprivi: Mahangu Game Reserve. Singalamwe.Record
PoaceaeCynodon dactylon Caprivi: Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
PoaceaeDactyloctenium aegyptium Caprivi: Mahangu Game Reserve.Record
Fabaceae subfamily MimosoideaeDichrostachys cinerea Caprivi: Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
HyacinthaceaeDipcadi longifolium Caprivi: Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
ColchicaceaeGloriosa superba Caprivi: Singalamwe. Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
Malvaceae subfamily GrewioideaeGrewia flavescens var. flavescens Caprivi: Singalamwe. Mahango Nature Reserve.Record
BoraginaceaeHeliotropium ovalifolium Caprivi, Katima Mulilo: Mahunga Game Park.Record
PoaceaeHeteropogon contortus Caprivi: Mahangu Game Park.Record
Malvaceae subfamily MalvoideaeHibiscus calyphyllus Caprivi: Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeIndigofera bainesii Caprivi: Singalamwe. Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
AsteraceaeNidorella resedifolia subsp. resedifolia Caprivi: Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
Apocynaceae subfamilies Asclepiadoideae and SecamonoideaeOrthanthera jasminiflora Caprivi: Singalamwe. Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
ChrysobalanaceaeParinari capensis subsp. capensis Caprivi: Singalamwe. Mahungu Game Reserve.Record
SolanaceaeSolanum campylacanthum 'incanum type' Caprivi: Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
PoaceaeStipagrostis hirtigluma subsp. patula Caprivi: Mahango Game Reserve.Record
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeTephrosia cephalantha var. decumbens Caprivi: Mahangu Game Reserve.Record
CombretaceaeTerminalia prunioides Caprivi: Singalamwe: Mahunga Game Reserve.Record
RhamnaceaeZiziphus mucronata Caprivi: Mahangu Game Reserve. Omuramba.Record

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