Literature: Roux, J.P. (2009)

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Roux, J.P. (2009)Synopsis of the Lycopodiophyta and Pteridophyta of Africa, Madagascar and neighbouring islands 561

Species which refer to this work

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Species found: 151
Abrodictyum rigidum (cultivated)
Adiantum capillus-veneris (cultivated)
Adiantum incisum (cultivated)
Adiantum lunulatum (cultivated)
Adiantum patens subsp. oatesii
Adiantum poiretii (cultivated)
Aleuritopteris farinosa (cultivated)
Amauropelta bergiana var. bergiana (cultivated)
Amauropelta oppositiformis (cultivated)
Ampelopteris prolifera (cultivated)
Anogramma leptophylla (cultivated)
Antrophyum mannianum (cultivated)
Arthropteris monocarpa (cultivated)
Arthropteris orientalis (cultivated)
Asplenium aethiopicum (cultivated)
Asplenium aethiopicum subsp. aethiopicum (cultivated)
Asplenium anisophyllum (cultivated)
Asplenium blastophorum (cultivated)
Asplenium boltonii (cultivated)
Asplenium buettneri (cultivated)
Asplenium ceii (cultivated)
Asplenium dregeanum (cultivated)
Asplenium erectum (cultivated)
Asplenium formosum (cultivated)
Asplenium friesiorum (cultivated)
Asplenium gemmiferum (cultivated)
Asplenium hypomelas (cultivated)
Asplenium inaequilaterale (cultivated)
Asplenium linckii (cultivated)
Asplenium mannii (cultivated)
Asplenium megalura (cultivated)
Asplenium preussii (cultivated)
Asplenium protensum (cultivated)
Asplenium pumilum (cultivated)
Asplenium rukararense (cultivated)
Asplenium rutifolium (cultivated)
Asplenium sandersonii (cultivated)
Asplenium smedsii (cultivated)
Asplenium stuhlmannii (cultivated)
Asplenium sulcatum (cultivated)
Asplenium theciferum (cultivated)
Asplenium uhligii (cultivated)
Athyrium newtonii (cultivated)
Athyrium schimperi (cultivated)
Azolla pinnata subsp. africana
Blechnum attenuatum (cultivated)
Blechnum tabulare (cultivated)
Blotiella crenata (cultivated)
Blotiella currorii (cultivated)
Blotiella glabra (cultivated)
Blotiella natalensis (cultivated)
Bolbitis gemmifera (cultivated)
Bolbitis heudelotii (cultivated)
Ceratopteris thalictroides
Cheilanthes inaequalis (cultivated)
Cheilanthes multifida (cultivated)
Cheilanthes perlanata (cultivated)
Cheilanthes quadripinnata (cultivated)
Cheilanthes similis (cultivated)
Christella dentata (cultivated)
Christella gueinziana (cultivated)
Christella microbasis (cultivated)
Coniogramme africana (cultivated)
Crepidomanes frappieri (cultivated)
Crepidomanes inopinatum (cultivated)
Crepidomanes mannii (cultivated)
Crepidomanes melanotrichum (cultivated)
Ctenitis cirrhosa (cultivated)
Cyathea dregei (cultivated)
Cyathea manniana (cultivated)
Cyathea thomsonii (cultivated)
Cyclosorus interruptus
Cyclosorus striatus (cultivated)
Davallia chaerophylloides (cultivated)
Dicranopteris linearis (cultivated)
Didymochlaena truncatula (cultivated)
Didymoglossum erosum (cultivated)
Doryopteris concolor (cultivated)
Drynaria volkensii (cultivated)
Dryopteris athamantica (cultivated)
Dryopteris kilemensis (cultivated)
Dryopteris lewalleana (cultivated)
Dryopteris manniana (cultivated)
Dryopteris pentheri (cultivated)
Dryopteris schimperiana (cultivated)
Elaphoglossum acrostichoides (cultivated)
Elaphoglossum mildbraedii (cultivated)
Equisetum ramosissimum subsp. ramosissimum (cultivated)
Gleichenia polypodioides (cultivated)
Histiopteris incisa (cultivated)
Huperzia dacrydioides (cultivated)
Huperzia gnidioides (cultivated)
Huperzia ophioglossoides (cultivated)
Hymenophyllum capillare (cultivated)
Hymenophyllum kuhnii (cultivated)
Hymenophyllum splendidum (cultivated)
Hypolepis sparsisora (cultivated)
Isoetes schweinfurthii (cultivated)
Lepisorus excavatus (cultivated)
Lomariopsis warneckei (cultivated)
Loxogramme abyssinica (cultivated)
Lycopodiella caroliniana (cultivated)
Lycopodiella cernua (cultivated)
Lycopodium clavatum (cultivated)
Lygodium microphyllum (cultivated)
Marsilea ephippiocarpa
Marsilea minuta var. minuta
Marsilea nubica var. gymnocarpa
Microgramma mauritiana (cultivated)
Microlepia speluncae
Microsorum scolopendria (cultivated)
Mohria lepigera (cultivated)
Mohria marginalis (cultivated)
Nephrolepis acutifolia (cultivated)
Nephrolepis biserrata (cultivated)
Nephrolepis undulata (cultivated)
Oleandra distenta (cultivated)
Ophioglossum costatum (cultivated)
Ophioglossum gomezianum (cultivated)
Ophioglossum polyphyllum (cultivated)
Ophioglossum reticulatum (cultivated)
Pellaea angulosa (cultivated)
Pellaea longipilosa (cultivated)
Pellaea pectiniformis (cultivated)
Pityrogramma aurantiaca (cultivated)
Pityrogramma calomelanos var. calomelanos (cultivated)
Platycerium elephantotis (cultivated)
Pleopeltis macrocarpa (cultivated)
Pneumatopteris unita (cultivated)
Pseudocyclosorus pulcher (cultivated)
Pteridium aquilinum subsp. capense (cultivated)
Pteridium aquilinum subsp. centrali-africanum (cultivated)
Pteris catoptera (cultivated)
Pteris cretica (cultivated)
Pteris dentata (cultivated)
Pteris hamulosa (cultivated)
Pteris intricata (cultivated)
Pteris linearis (cultivated)
Pteris muricella (cultivated)
Pteris vittata (cultivated)
Ptisana salicifolia (cultivated)
Pyrrosia schimperiana (cultivated)
Salvinia molesta
Selaginella goudotiana var. abyssinica (cultivated)
Selaginella kraussiana (cultivated)
Selaginella mittenii (cultivated)
Selaginella tenerrima (cultivated)
Tectaria gemmifera (cultivated)
Thelypteris confluens
Vittaria guineensis var. orientalis (cultivated)
Vittaria volkensii (cultivated)

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Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2024). Flora of Caprivi: Literature detail: Roux, J.P. (2009)., retrieved 25 July 2024

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