Literature: Fibeck, W. & Dare, M. (1993)

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Fibeck, W. & Dare, M. (1993)Terrestrial Orchids in Zimbabwe. Excelsa 16 47-71507

Species which refer to this work

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Species found: 80
Bonatea steudneri
Brachycorythis buchananii (cultivated)
Brachycorythis congoensis (cultivated)
Calanthe sylvatica (cultivated)
Cynorkis debilis (cultivated)
Cynorkis kassneriana (cultivated)
Disa baurii (cultivated)
Disa equestris (cultivated)
Disa erubescens subsp. erubescens (cultivated)
Disa hircicornis (cultivated)
Disa ochrostachya (cultivated)
Disa walleri (cultivated)
Disa zombica (cultivated)
Disperis anthoceros (cultivated)
Disperis dicerochila (cultivated)
Disperis reichenbachiana (cultivated)
Disperis virginalis (cultivated)
Eulophia alta (cultivated)
Eulophia angolensis (cultivated)
Eulophia clitellifera (cultivated)
Eulophia coeloglossa (cultivated)
Eulophia cucullata (cultivated)
Eulophia eylesii (cultivated)
Eulophia flavopurpurea (cultivated)
Eulophia guineensis (cultivated)
Eulophia hereroensis
Eulophia horsfallii (cultivated)
Eulophia leachii
Eulophia livingstoneana
Eulophia longisepala (cultivated)
Eulophia obscura (cultivated)
Eulophia petersii (cultivated)
Eulophia seleensis (cultivated)
Eulophia speciosa
Eulophia streptopetala (cultivated)
Eulophia tanganyikensis (cultivated)
Eulophia tuberculata (cultivated)
Habenaria anaphysema (cultivated)
Habenaria calvilabris (cultivated)
Habenaria cirrhata (cultivated)
Habenaria clavata (cultivated)
Habenaria cornuta (cultivated)
Habenaria debeerstiana (cultivated)
Habenaria disparilis (cultivated)
Habenaria filicornis (cultivated)
Habenaria galactantha (cultivated)
Habenaria ichneumonea (cultivated)
Habenaria laurentii (cultivated)
Habenaria macrostele (cultivated)
Habenaria malacophylla (cultivated)
Habenaria petitiana (cultivated)
Habenaria pilosa (cultivated)
Habenaria schimperiana (cultivated)
Habenaria subarmata
Habenaria tentaculigera (cultivated)
Habenaria uhehensis (cultivated)
Habenaria uncicalcar (cultivated)
Habenaria weberiana (cultivated)
Habenaria zambesina (cultivated)
Liparis bowkeri (cultivated)
Liparis mulindana (cultivated)
Liparis nervosa (cultivated)
Malaxis weberbaueriana (cultivated)
Nervilia bicarinata (cultivated)
Nervilia crociformis (cultivated)
Nervilia petraea (cultivated)
Nervilia renschiana (cultivated)
Nervilia shirensis (cultivated)
Oeceoclades maculata (cultivated)
Orthochilus aurantiacus (cultivated)
Orthochilus mechowii (cultivated)
Orthochilus milnei (cultivated)
Orthochilus odontoglossus (cultivated)
Orthochilus walleri
Platycoryne buchananiana (cultivated)
Platycoryne mediocris (cultivated)
Polystachya dendrobiiflora (cultivated)
Satyrium breve (cultivated)
Satyrium trinerve (cultivated)
Satyrium volkensii (cultivated)

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Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2024). Flora of Caprivi: Literature detail: Fibeck, W. & Dare, M. (1993)., retrieved 14 July 2024

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