Literature: Martins, E.S. et al. (2003)

AuthorTitleJournal/publisherLiterature ref. no.
Martins, E.S. et al. (2003)PapilionoideaeFlora Zambesiaca 3(7) 309

Species which refer to this work

Note that the process of capturing references from species to the literature and the reverse may be incomplete.

Species found: 53
Adenocarpus mannii (cultivated)
Antopetitia abyssinica (cultivated)
Argyrolobium fischeri (cultivated)
Argyrolobium tomentosum (cultivated)
Argyrolobium vaginiferum (cultivated)
Bolusia amboensis
Calpurnia aurea subsp. aurea
Crotalaria agatiflora subsp. imperialis (cultivated)
Crotalaria alexandri (cultivated)
Crotalaria anthyllopsis (cultivated)
Crotalaria axillaris (cultivated)
Crotalaria bongensis (cultivated)
Crotalaria calycina (cultivated)
Crotalaria caudata (cultivated)
Crotalaria cephalotes (cultivated)
Crotalaria chirindae (cultivated)
Crotalaria chrysochlora (cultivated)
Crotalaria cleomifolia (cultivated)
Crotalaria congesta (cultivated)
Crotalaria cylindrocarpa (cultivated)
Crotalaria deserticola (cultivated)
Crotalaria flavicarinata
Crotalaria germainii (cultivated)
Crotalaria glauca (cultivated)
Crotalaria goreensis (cultivated)
Crotalaria graminicola (cultivated)
Crotalaria huillensis subsp. zambesiaca
Crotalaria hyssopifolia (cultivated)
Crotalaria incana subsp. purpurascens (cultivated)
Crotalaria laburnifolia subsp. laburnifolia
Crotalaria lachnocarpoides (cultivated)
Crotalaria lachnophora (cultivated)
Crotalaria minutissima (cultivated)
Crotalaria ochroleuca (cultivated)
Crotalaria ononoides (cultivated)
Crotalaria oocarpa (cultivated)
Crotalaria parvula (cultivated)
Crotalaria pisicarpa
Crotalaria platysepala
Crotalaria podocarpa
Crotalaria recta (cultivated)
Crotalaria sertulifera (cultivated)
Crotalaria shirensis (cultivated)
Crotalaria spartea (cultivated)
Crotalaria sphaerocarpa subsp. sphaerocarpa
Crotalaria spinosa (cultivated)
Crotalaria steudneri
Lessertia benguellensis
Rothia hirsuta
Trifolium pseudostriatum (cultivated)
Trifolium simense (cultivated)
Trifolium usambarense (cultivated)
Vicia sativa (cultivated)

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